Saturday, March 26, 2011

All work and no play...

On the wall just next to the door in my room, a few of the former occupants have channelled Jack Torrance from The Shining and crystallized FOB life into a single sentence. A typical day here can be truly boring if you fail to create little distractions for yourself. In general, a typical day goes something like this:

Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to muster, go to the gym, eat lunch, take a nap, read a book or watch a movie, go to dinner, Skype with family, go to bed.

Interspersed through the day we try to place little diversions... just to mix it up! The unscheduled "diversion" of a trauma call definitely takes up some time. That said, patching up another Afghan national who rolled his vehicle or ran over an IED is less than pleasant. These poor people live in unimaginable conditions and deal with terribly unpleasant "neighbors", (spelled T-A-L-I-B-A-N), on a constant basis. Worse yet is the constant nagging thought that the 14 year old boy you're working on who "blew his hand up with unexploded ordinance" was actually being trained by the surly "uncle" accompanying him to build more IED's... But alas, ours is not to reason why...

More fun than trauma calls are the bits of tomfoolery we engage in throughout the day... Recently, a couple friends
sent me a teen mag full of awesome posters! Not wanting to
hog all that adolescent cuteness for my self, we decided to share with Dr. Ortiz.

The funny thing is, he liked the posters SO MUCH that, rather than leave them on his door, he decided to give them a place of honor at the head of his bed. Now they are the last thing he looks at before he goes to bed each night!

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