Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't mess...

Today's features team member is HM3 (FMF) Todd Cecil. Cecil is a Fleet Marine Corspman, a former member of the US Navy Marksmanship team, and an all around good guy. Here at the FST he works on trauma team one and has been my go to guy for help with ortho patients. (Mainly because he's the biggest guy on the team! What can I say, we knuckle draggers have to hang together!)

Cecil also manages to stay popular by picking up mail and keeping the guys in the mail room working so that we actually GET mail. He recently re-enlisted and honored me with the privilege of administering his re-enlistment oath. I hope you all enjoy learning a little more about HM3 Cecil!

SSSS: What’s your full name?

Todd Russell Cecil

SSSS: Code name?

El Diablo also known as the fightin’rooster!

SSSS: Why that one?

Shake and bake

SSSS: Where were you born?

Lubbock, TX. God’s great state in the republic of Texas!

SSSS: Married or single?


SSSS: Any kids?

Daughter age 1 yr, Caralee

SSSS: How long have you been in the military?

3 years

SSSS: Any tattoos?

Fourteen. My favorite is the one in Arabic on my calf. It means “Sons of Abraham”

SSSS: What’s food do you miss most being here on the FOB?

Bangers and mash

SSSS: What’s your favorite food that they serve here?


SSSS: Any food that you absolutely won’t eat?

I have yet to find something I won’t eat. I’ll try anything at least 3 times.

SSSS: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Cool Hand Luke

SSSS: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I know the reference but I’ve never seen the movie. I don’t even know who any of them are. I’d say team Edward because Jacob just sounds like a wussy.

SSSS: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Real men like Star Wars

SSSS: Mac or PC?


SSSS: Tupac or Biggie?

Not a real big fan of either one

SSSS: Astrological sign?


SSSS: Briefs or boxers?


SSSS: If you could teleport from here to anywhere in the world for 6 hours where would you go?

My wife’s bosum.

SSSS: Lowenbrau, Becks, St Pauli, or O’Douls?


SSSS: Are you a little bit country or a little bit rock-n-roll?


SSSS: Did you get that last reference?


SSSS: What’s your favorite thing you’ve gotten in a care package?

Only got one. Protein was the only thing in it.

SSSS: What message do you want to share with everyone reading?

Don’t mess with Texas!

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