Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Team... Medinareyes Edition!

Many of you have asked me about all the folks I work with here at the FST. I can honestly say that, without exception, we have a amazing group of men and women here! It is really impressive that so many people from such varied backgrounds can come together as a true team and make miracles happen. I wish I could introduce every one of you to every one of them, in person, but, given the fact that we are spread out all across the country and many of you don't even live near me, that would be an impossible feat. The next best thing is to introduce them all here. To that end, over the course of the next couple of months, I'm going to (try to) feature three team members a week on the blog including a photo or two and an interview with each one.

My first "victim" is the guy who, aside from being a super corpsman, makes all our administration run smoothly. Of all of us, he probably spends the most time of all actually in the FST answering telephones, typing memos, and keeping things flowing smoothly. HM2 Medinareyes is our admin corpsman extraordinaire, and the first team member to be interviewed for this new feature!

So here goes...

SSSS: What’s your full name?

Luis Enrique Medinareyes

SSSS: Code name?


SSSS: Why that one?

Because I giggle. Actually it's "giggles" or the "mean queen". Both were given by Venegas and Simpson. Mean queen because I use lots of hair products.

SSSS: Where were you born?

Morelia, MX

SSSS: Married or single?


SSSS: Any kids?


SSSS: How long have you been in the military?

6 years

SSSS: Any tattoos?


SSSS: What’s food do you miss most being here on the FOB?

Bar food. Chicken wings especially. These traditional buffalo wings I had at a bar on Bourbon St. in New Orleans are the best I've ever had!

SSSS: What’s your favorite food that they serve here?

I look forward to the herbed potatoes they serve at breakfast

SSSS: Any food that you absolutely won’t eat?


SSSS: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Kill Bill Vol. 1

SSSS: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Jacob because he’s Hispanic or Indian... or something...

SSSS: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

SSSS: Mac or PC?

Mac but because of the military I have to use a PC.

SSSS: Tupac or Biggie?


SSSS: Astrological sign?


SSSS: Briefs or boxers?


SSSS: If you could teleport from here to anywhere in the world for 6 hours where would you go?


SSSS: Lowenbrau, Becks, St Pauli, or O’Douls?


SSSS: Are you a little bit country or a little bit rock-n-roll?

Little bit country

SSSS: Did you get that last reference?


SSSS: What’s your favorite thing you’ve gotten in a care package?

Cinco de Mayo decorations!

SSSS: Is that really your favorite thing or is it just the best one you can mention?


SSSS: What message do you want to share with everyone reading?

Keep praying for those of us that need it. Wish luck for those of us who don’t need it. I look forward to seeing you all six months from now.

So there you have it. HM2 Medinareyes (Giggles) in a nutshell! Hope you all enjoyed the introduction!

Until next time...


  1. Really great feature idea:) Tell HM2 Medinareyes there's folks out here praying for all of y'all!

  2. this is a great idea, thanks. looking forward to meeting more of your team.
    take very good care