Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week one down...

Yesterday marked the end of our first week of responsibilities here on FOB Lagman. Despite a painful start, the rest of the week wasn't too bad. Dr. Corwin did 2 appendectomies, we had a couple more relatively minor traumas, and I saw a few ortho patients, only one of whom needed surgery. The weather this week was still beautiful but cooled off a little and the wind has started picking up. The mountains to the east, that were covered in snow when we got here, have nearly shed their winter coats and, when the dust isn't up, are now just a long brown ridge line in the distance.

Day to day living includes time in the gym, three square meals, naps, and lots of reading, movies, and internet. I'm glad to be somewhat bored because it means people aren't getting hurt. That said, time seems to have slowed significantly the last few days and I really hope that doesn't persist. Today is Haley's first real horse show and missing it makes me sad. Sure I'll get some pictures and hear all about it on Skype, but it just isn't the same.

One of the good things about the FOB that I'm planning to implement once I get back home is the full service laundry...

I drop my dirty laundry off here...

The next day I bring my little slip by this window...

...and, Presto! My laundry is presented to me clean, folded, and socks even matched up! It's a great system and I look forward to the same system at home!


  1. LOL!! I am pretty sure May is not going to let those signs in her pretty new house! I am sorry to hear that the time has suddenly slowed down for you, but you are right when you say that means no one is needing medical attention! And, THAT is a good thing! Keep up your spirits, and we will keep praying for you! Big Hugs!

  2. good luck with that new laundry system when you get home. don't forget to let us know how it all turned out.
    take very good care