Monday, March 21, 2011

Mail Call!

Today we got mail. A LOT of mail! It seems that the guys in the mail office are somewhat selective about which days they sort mail (work) so no one got mail for the last three days. Several of us knew for a fact that mail was on the way if not overdue and there was some grumpiness beginning to blossom. Fortunately, the coin flip in the mail room came up heads, (or maybe it was tails), today so we got mail!
It was like Christmas opening all our packages and letters! Some of it was stuff we ordered...

Gardening equipment...

...Grow light for Wade's "special plants"

Zero gravity chairs...

 for "game night"

New hobby...

But the best packages are always the ones our families and friends send! My AMAZING wife sent me everything from Bacon Salt to goose liver pate'! Chocolate to avocados! Olive oil to coffee! With occasional deliveries like this, I might just survive 6 months of DFAC food...

Thanks to everyone who is thinking about us out here in the dirt!


  1. Ok Eric, I expect you to be a piano virtuoso by the time you get back. Ha ha ha!

    Love you bro, I am so proud of you and I am glad that you are my brother.

  2. I really enjoy these. Thank you. It is weird how much satisfaction I get out of a silly little update like this. Post your address and I will send you something, although it will pale in comparison to your wife's package. Probably mentos, maybe skittles or star burtst... not sure. :-)

  3. We need your address too. Love ya tons.